About Me

Hello, I’m William and I am a graphic designer, Illustrator, and web designer / developer based in New Jersey. I like to solve design problems through strong conceptualization and clean and concise work. I have been designing professionally for a wide variety of clients, projects and agencies over the past decade.

I have spent time working at various agencies in cities around the country including Philadelphia, Trenton, San Francisco and Haddonfield, NJ.

I currently work as a web developer / designer and freelance graphic designer / illustrator. If you would like to get in touch to discuss a future project, please send a message.

Select Clients

  • Giant Bomb
  • Boom! Comics
  • Whiskey Media
  • Gallery 1988
  • Gallery 27 Chicago
  • Hero Complex Gallery
  • Narragansett Beer*
  • Sailor Jerry*
  • R5 Productions
  • Tee Fury
*Worked with while at Quaker City Mercantile


  • “Quotes, Lines, & Lyrics” Hero Complex Gallery | Los Angeles, CA
  • “I Am The Law/A Life Of Crime” Hero Complex Gallery | Los Angeles, CA
  • “Crazy 4 Cult NY” Gallery 1988 | New York City, NY
  • “We Made Them Do It” Gallery 1988 | Venice, CA
  • “Are You Afraid of the Art?” Gallery 27 | Chicago
  • “Step Brothers Art Show” Gallery 1988 | Venice, CA
  • “Meme Art Show” Gallery 1988 | Los Angeles, CA